Success Stories

Mole & Warts Removal
Rachel Wong - Before Treatment

Before Treatment

Rachel Wong - During Treatment

During Treatment

Rachel Wong - After Treatment

After Treatment

My face was full of tiny warts n there was also patch of warts like a size of peanut size, all these was removed. It was a fast n simple process.

The feeling during the process was calm, 1st they check the size of the warts, then they use disposable needle to remove some dead skin, then they applied the herbal medication.

There was a slight sensation of ants biting feeling, immediate the professional beauty consultant cleaned it away. The time between has to be fast n timed.

After the cleaning, soothing gel was applied on the spot. For home treatment, both healing gel has to be applied in the night before sleep. For soothing gel to applied all day whenever it is dry.

Within a few days to a week it will slowly dry up n drop off. New beautiful skin surface. Thank you.

I’m impressed by the professional service of Impression Face & Body Care! Thank you!

Rachel Wong

Shi Song Jun - Before Treatment

Before Treatment

Shi Song Jun - After Treatment

After Treatment

I used to think that skin tags are normal as people age. I have been seeing people with lots of skin tags. Strangely I didn’t think of doing something to remove them until Endora told me that those can be removed.

I was fortunate to try the new technique being used by Impression Beauty. Within one hour, I counted more than 20 skin tags that the staffs have skillfully removed from my neck and face areas. It was relatively painless apart from some biting sensations here and there.

There was a short period of skin healing. Apart from that my live goes on with no disruption at all.
I really felt the difference when I am taking my bath as the skin near the neck area has become so smooth.

My parents also commented on my improved skin neck appearance. It used to be a jungle of warts, but now it is much smoother with younger appearance.

Thanks to Endora and the staffs at Impression Beauty to make the experience pleasant and me gained back my youthful neck skin.

Shi Song Jun