Success Stories

Body Care

Meridian product has done wonder to me. Before I use the product, I was having swollen right leg and pain in walking and I need support to climb up the staircase and overhead bridge.

After the first time I used the product for a meridian body treatment massage, I was able to walk down the staircase without support. I was so happy.

I was also having aching pain during the night while sleeping and having difficulties in getting down the bed in the morning, after few body treatments I do not experience these problems anymore.

During the body treatment it was discovered that my womb was moved to the right side but after using the Meridian product and body treatments, the womb was back to the original position.

During the treatment period, I lost 5kg from 84kg to 79kg. Currently I am still using Meridian products now.

Irene Lim

At Impression, I have my relaxing stone massage. My backache was tensed n ached, the massage lady is gentle yet massage at the right pressure to release the tension and ache.

There is also a shower room to wash clean before the massage. The room is clean n tidy. Must try stone relaxing massage!

Rachel Wong

I used to be troubled by a stiff neck and shoulder ache. This is not a major problem and I will apply medicine plaster or analgesic gel like “Counter Pain” to provide temporary relief. Then, I came across Meridian herbal cream body treatment by Impression Face & Body Care and decided to give it a try.

I have been receiving the Meridian Point massage using the herbal cream and Moxa pain relief essence for about nine months. I must say the results are amazing.

I am no longer troubled by bodily aches, my skin is smoother, and there is less water retention, a boost in energy level and overall, an enhanced sense of well-being. I feel rejuvenated and re-energized to face new challenges every day.

The Meridian herbal cream is definitely a product that adds value to my quality of life.

Jocelyn Kong

I have started using the Meridian Herbal product over a period of 1 year. It is effective as I can feel that my body condition especially my skin has improved. I used to have very sensitive skin and severe allergies. Now, the condition has improved and I would say I feed a glow in my skin.

Also I used to have a water cyst in my womb. According to my gynae, I need surgery to remove the cyst which is about 3 – 5cm big. During my last check-up, my gynae said she could not detect the cyst. She said it might have disappeared. She was puzzled as to why it has disappeared. I am just glad I do not need any surgery.

I am still using the product to lose my weights and to continue to maintain my body health.


Before I started using Meridian herbal cream. I always had been troubled by congested skin especially over T-zone and jawline. My skin looked sallow and dehydrated, mostly caused by stress diet and lack of water intake.

Although I have been going for regular facials plus spent a fortune on health supplements, the results seemed to work for a while but not consistent. I was introduced to Meridian product by Impression Beauty on a facial trip one day.

I was attracted mainly because of its natural botanical ingredients and its transdermal application as I hate to swallow pills. Despite doubtful about its efficacy, I decided to give it a try. Amazingly, just a month after application, my skin texture started to improve!

With in addition to sufficient water intake, my skin looks more supple and radiant. The “breakout” on my forehead, chin and jawline are reduced. 3 months after using the herbal cream, I do not even need to apply heavy makeup to conceal my pimple scars. I also discover that my poor memory seems to improve slightly.

Even my husband feels that I am less irritable. This product is definitely my best investment!

Angie Tang