Sensiplus Hydrasilk Ultra-mild Cleansing Milk 140ml

Sensiplus Hydrasilk Ultra-mild Cleansing Milk 140ml


This ultra-mild cleansing milk has soothing and balancing care ingredients for delicate, irritated skin. White tea, silk proteins and pure vegetable moisturizing agents reduce the skin’s sensitivity, and lessen reddening and irritation. It cleanses in a particularly mild and protecting way, freeing the skin from injurious air pollutants and make-up residues while stabilizing and harmonizing its natural functions. It leaves behind a velvety, tender skin, without any feeling of tautness. This product contains no colorants, preserving agents or mineral oils.

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Product Description


Gently massage it on the moisten skin, then rinse off with water follow by Hydrasilk Gel Tonic application every morning and night.


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