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Skin is generally classified into few categories: normal, dry, oily, and combination. There are also special categories like sensitive and pigmentation skins. Your skin type can change as you age, and other factors like genetics and even illness can play a part.

It’s multi-factorial. Most people have normal skin when they are born, but as they grow up, various factors including habit, lifestyle, environmental and even genetic composition will affect the skin and change its characteristics resulting in various categories that we have.

Normal skin, which has a good balance of moisture, small pores and an even tone, is the goal of most skin care regimens. To maintain its good condition, it’s important to minimize its exposure to the sun and other environmental factors. It’s also important to have good habit and lifestyle.

Treatments for Dry, Thin, Matured, Uneven Tone & Dull Skin

Dry skin suffers from a lack of natural moisture — there’s little oil to act as a surface barrier and lock in moisture. People with dry skin feel tightness about their face, and their skin is often irritated. Flaking is another symptom, but it’s not always a sure sign of dry skin.

Sometimes, severely dry skin can become itchy and painful, leading to a condition called eczema. Treatment of certain medical conditions can sometimes lead to dry skin.

For example, breast cancer treatment may stop hormone production which could in turn affect the quality of your skin.

It might throw people into a menopausal situation at an early age as the oil production stops prematurely. Naturally-occurring menopause can have the same effect; most women begin to experience drier skin as they hit their late forties.

Recommended Treatments:

  1. Multi Fruits Energizing Treatment (90mins) – high Minerals & Vitamins content products to strengthen skin cellular and protect skin against free radical and ultra-violet lights, to fight skin aging . Gives skin brighter and fairer look.
  2. Skin RejuV Treatment (normal to dry skin) (90mins) – dry flaky and red skin treatment by using complete Hydra Silk skin care containing high silk protein that can immediately replace lost moisture. It reduces redness, anti-sensitivity, produces calmness and reduces allergy problem.
  3. RF Treatment (60mins) – for mature sagging skin. Using Bio Heat to promote cell regeneration, improve blood and lymph circulation and provide instant lift.

Treatments for Oily Combination, Rough, Open Pore & Blemish Skin

Oily skin is identified by an excess of oil (the technical term is sebum) on the face. Some people with oily skin begin to feel greasy only a few hours after washing.

A very oily person would feel the need to wash their face between noon and 5 p.m., because oil has built up during the day. Oily skin can be an inherited trait, but it can also be caused by puberty, which causes oil glands to go into overdrive.

You may also notice more oil on your “T-zone” because of all the oil glands in the forehead, nose, and chin.

Recommended Treatments:

  1. Skin Fruition / Renewal Treatment (90mins) – for oily blemishes non-sensitive skin. With AHA range products to soften, smoothen, lighten uneven skin and reduced blemishes formed.
  2. Acne Treatment (90mins) – for oily blemishes skin Deep cleansing and promote acne anti-septic and healing effect. Control sebum secretion and prevent bacterial infection.
  3. Diamond Peel Treatment (80mins) – large pore, rough & slight blemishes skin Effectively remove dead skin cells, refine large pore, smoothen scars and make even the skin tone.
  4. Fruity Enzyme Treatment (90mins) – for oily, combination & sensitive blemish acne skin Enzyme powder mask is very effective to soften, digest and remove dead cells. It is a very gentle peel for acne sensitive skin.
  5. Skin RejuV Treatment (90mins) – for oily sensitive skin Using Hydra Silk Protein skin care to calm and soothe sensitive skin.
  6. Micro Collagen Diamond Treatment (90mins) – for rough, oily & dehydrated skin. 2 in 1 treatment which effectively removed dead skin cells, smoothen large pores, scar and evening skin. Tone plus the special H2O Crystal mask instantly replace high moisture to improve dehydration problem.

Treatments for Acne Sensitive Skin

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Acne is so common that it affects about close to 80 percent of people in the age range of 20 to 30 years old.

During the teenage years, acne is more common in boys than in girls, but in adults it’s more common in women.

Despite the fact that it’s so commonplace, there are many misconceptions about acne.

What’s Behind Skin Hyperpigmentation?

From the sun to hormonal changes, many factors can cause skin pigmentation. These include:

  • Genetics. Some people are born with more freckles than others. Similarly, the same goes for larger areas of darker skin from pigmentation. It is also more common among people who have darker skin, such as those with an Asian, Indian, Latin, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean background. Their skin often has more melanocytes, the skin cells that produce pigment.
  • Sun damage. Ultraviolet rays from the sun will cause the skin to produce more melanocytes, which leads to the dark spots commonly called age spots or liver spots. Prescription drugs may also make the skin more sensitive to the sun causing skin pigmentation.
  • Hormonal changes in women. This can also stimulate more skin pigment to be produced. Birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy may also cause these skin changes.
  • Skin irritation. People with darker skin may get some pigmentation after acne or psoriasis. And for some people, using skin care products that irritate the skin will cause the skin to produce more pigment and cause dark patches. Even rubbing and itching an area of the skin can make it darker.

If the pigmentation is a result of hormonal changes, your skin may go back to normal at the end of your pregnancy or when you stop taking birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy. In other cases, there are treatments that our consultant can help recommend for your skin condition.

Recommended Treatments:

  1. Micro Collagen Diamond Treatment (90mins) – for rough, oily & dehydrated skin. Two in One treatment which effectively removes dead skin cells, smoothens large pores, scar and makes even skin tone plus the special H2O Crystal mask to instantly replace high moisture improving dehydration problem.
  2. JPL / PPX Rejuvenation Treatment Whole Face / Partial Area (60/45mins) Light and heat energy stimulates cells to regenerate and promote inner heat to reproduce collagen and to coagulate existing pigment and spider vein to achieve lightening effect. Once every 2 weeks.
  3. Purewhite Intensive Face & Hand Treatment (90mins) The advantages of this treatment for atrophic skin, acne and cornification disorders skin: Exfoliate dead skin cells and enhance penetration of skin care products. Stimulate cells and enhanced storage of moisture, reduction of line depth. Lightening of pigmentation. Prevent unnatural thickened actinic keratorises. Reduction of bacterial growth and protect of the skin’s acid mantle layer.
  4. MBT DNC Micro Roller Face Treatment (90mins) Help reactivate collagen & elastin in dermis & preserving the skin firmness. Skin pores become more refined, smoother, more hydrated and healthier. A remarkable age defying treat for your skin. Ideal for rough pit-hole skin, matured dry uneven tone & loose skin, avoid acne, ezyema skin.

Diamond Dermabration Skin Treatment

A Non-invasive, gentle deep exfoliation with genuine micro diamond crystal tips. Uses the technology of Suction Therapy which vacuums and exfoliate the corneum layer, cleaned out blocked pores and enhance the skin tone.

Effect on Face:

  • Soften dead skin cells and removal of comedones.
  • Creates oxygenation that nourishes the epidermal skin tissue.
  • Detoxification and drainage of toxin and lightening effect.
  • Firm & tones the skin tissue to produce an instant lift.

Effect on Body:

  • Soften dead skin cells and removal of flakiness.
  • Creates oxygenation that nourishes the epidermal skin tissue.
  • Detoxification and drainage of toxin.
  • Firm & tones the skin and even skin tone, it is effective to treat post acne marks & scars.

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I started my beauty care journey with Impression Beauty almost 20 years ago when I was still a student with pimples problem. Over the years, they took care of my skin, my unsightly skin growth and hair issues and most importantly taught me the importance of regular skincare regime. My skin look good even without any make up at 39! Thank you, Impression Beauty!


As a customer who has witnessed the birth of Impression 20 years ago, the service provided has consistently been 1st class. I am very satisfied with the results achieved. Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary and may you have many more 20 years to come!

Cynthia Lee

It’s my pleasure to share with you my experience at Impression Beauty. I came to know of impression after a very bad breakout I had 18 years ago. I was desperate and uninformed when caring for my skin. I turned to impression after seeing what they had done for my sister who dealt with a similar breakout. She was not only free and clear, but her skin was looking better than it ever had. I was skeptical at first. Just graduating I didn’t have extra money to throw around and I wasn’t sure if the results would be equally good for me. I can honestly say the decision to go with Impression was one of the best choices I’ve made. I’m 38 now but most people think I’m in my mid 20’s. My skin brings me confidence which starts with healthy and clean skin. That glow is possible because of the wonderful girls at Impression. The Impression beauty consultants are friendly, professional and are always giving me beauty tips and advice. Without hesitation I recommend Impression Beauty to my friends and family.


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