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Kick Off Your Body Contouring routine – Love Your Body!

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

Rachel Wong - Before Treatment

Before Treatment

Rachel Wong - During Treatment

During Treatment

Rachel Wong - After Treatment

After Treatment

My face was full of tiny warts n there was also patch of warts like a size of peanut size, all these was removed. It was a fast n simple process.

The feeling during the process was calm, 1st they check the size of the warts, then they use disposable needle to remove some dead skin, then they applied the herbal medication.

There was a slight sensation of ants biting feeling, immediate the professional beauty consultant cleaned it away. The time between has to be fast n timed.

After the cleaning, soothing gel was applied on the spot. For home treatment, both healing gel has to be applied in the night before sleep. For soothing gel to applied all day whenever it is dry.

Within a few days to a week it will slowly dry up n drop off. New beautiful skin surface. Thank you.

I’m impressed by the professional service of Impression Face & Body Care! Thank you!

Rachel Wong

It’s my pleasure to share with you my experience at Impression Beauty. I came to know of impression after a very bad breakout I had 18 years ago. I was desperate and uninformed when caring for my skin. I turned to impression after seeing what they had done for my sister who dealt with a similar breakout.

She was not only free and clear, but her skin was looking better than it ever had. I was skeptical at first. Just graduating I didn’t have extra money to throw around and I wasn’t sure if the results would be equally good for me.

I can honestly say the decision to go with Impression was one of the best choices I’ve made. I’m 38 now but most people think I’m in my mid 20’s. My skin brings me confidence which starts with healthy and clean skin.

That glow is possible because of the wonderful girls at Impression. The Impression beauty consultants are friendly, professional and are always giving me beauty tips and advice.

Without hesitation I recommend Impression Beauty to my friends and family.


I used to be troubled by a stiff neck and shoulder ache. This is not a major problem and I will apply medicine plaster or analgesic gel like “Counter Pain” to provide temporary relief. Then, I came across Meridian herbal cream body treatment by Impression Face & Body Care and decided to give it a try.

I have been receiving the Meridian Point massage using the herbal cream and Moxa pain relief essence for about nine months. I must say the results are amazing.

I am no longer troubled by bodily aches, my skin is smoother, and there is less water retention, a boost in energy level and overall, an enhanced sense of well-being. I feel rejuvenated and re-energized to face new challenges every day.

The Meridian herbal cream is definitely a product that adds value to my quality of life.

Jocelyn Kong

“I have been a loyal customer of impression for many years because I know that I always get the best personalized service every time I am here. Meizhen is like an ‘old’ friend to me. Quality service and care, and nothing less.”

Angela Rai

“I wish to express my thanks to Impression Beauty for being around for my needs for more than 24 years. Beauty consultant, Mei Zhen has always given excellent service, attentive & also a fantastic beauty therapist.

Also wish to thank masseuse, Li Qin gives excellent massage and feels great after each session. Do keep it up your excellent services.”

Regards & best wishes,

Cynthia Lee

“I have been a customer of Impressions for about 13 years. I like the good customer service provided by the Therapists (Mei Zhen, Alice, Li Qing) and also the bosses, Trendy and Theodora. I hope Impressions will continue to provide good service.”

Siew Shuen

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